Equipment Rental

Why Rent?

  • Project Flexibility
    Renting allows you to perform specialized, temporary and seasonal work.
  • No Capital Investment
    Renting liberates your businesses capital. Hence, expenditure is incurred for renting the equipment on project need-basis only.
  • No Financing Hassles
    Qualifying for renting an equipment is far more easier when compared to the hassles one has to go through while purchasing the same.
  • Eliminates Overhead Costs
    Overhead costs, which are incurred for equipment storing space, service, repair and maintenance, staff payroll and record keeping, can be easily reduced by renting the required equipment.
  • Comprehensive Equipment Knowledge
    Rental professionals train themselves on the usage of the equipment when hiring rent. This not only saves time but also helps in cutting down on training costs.

Other tools available for rent:

  • SAF Nertazip 525 Plasma Cutter
  • Electrode Oven
  • Portable Toilet
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