Job Vacancies

Fabrication Supervisor ( 1 Position )

Job Description: 
  • Maintaining daily workshop full operation & workload of equipment & manpower.
  • Scheduling of manpower & daily job assignment to available manpower.
  • Ensuring workshop equipment functioning properly & ready for job.
  • Liaising with client on job query & requirement.
  • Fabrication material estimation & quantity order based on design drawings.
  • Able to do hands-on job for material marking, cutting & fitting.
  • Equipment inspection validity check & schedule of reinspection.
  • Accepting client job delivery & coordination on job progress.
  • Able to do paper written job order on delivery.
  • Able to interpret & check design drawing prior fabrication.
  • Material takeoff dimension for structural & piping job.
  • Report making of weight, sizes, pressure rating of steel material & pipe.
  • Consumables checking on job requirements & order requests.
  • Ensure workshop Safety is at an acceptable level during workshop operation.
  • Conducting toolbox briefing as required for new or daily job type.
  • Conduct housekeeping & equipment check on monthly basis.
  • Site visit & survey prior client job proposal & requirement of job.
Working Location: 
H24, Seria
Closing Date: 
Thursday, 18 March 2021
Other Remarks: 
Salary: $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 per month

Account Clerk ( 1 Position )

Job Description: 
  • Bookkeeping and general accounting.
  • Prepare accounting reports such as trial balance, profit & loss and balance sheet.
  • Providing support to the company through both administrative and clerical duties.
  • Processing incoming and outgoing documents.
  • Handling filing, sorting, scanning and photocopying of documents.
  • Preparing letters, quotations, documents, reports and proposals.
  • Preparing monthly payroll including calculating time card and printing out payslip.
  • Performing data entry in computer system.
  • Keeping track on documents with expiring dates and notify the management on the expiring documents.
  • Answering and making phone call.
  • Managing account receivable (i.e. preparing invoice, statement, purchase order follow-up, calling debtors for payment and etc.)
  • Managing account payable (i.e. verifying incoming bills, preparing payment, answering calls from creditors and etc.)
  • Delivering documents to relevant parties such as employment agent, government agencies, suppliers and customers.
  • Making bill payments (i.e. TAP/SCP, Water, Electricity, Road Tax, DST/Telbru and Suppliers)
Working Location: 
Lumut, Belait
Closing Date: 
Sunday, 28 February 2021
Other Remarks: 
Salary: $500.00 to $800.00 per month