Wellpoint Dewatering System

Our dewatering system has been used in the following projects:


All Laba Depan's wellpoint dewatering pumps are designed & assembled in Brunei and powered by Diesel engines built in Germany. It is one of a kind pump you can find in the country that offers an outstanding performance for your project needs.

During the assembly of the pumps, every aspects of the units has been carefully examined and tested to ensure they are safe for industrial use. As a result, all LD's pumps have been certified and they are ready to be used in strict safety compliance areas.

Although the pumps are designed for wellpoint dewatering system usage, the pump units still can be used for:

  • Site Dewatering
  • Water Transfer Applications
  • Ballasting and De-ballasting Process

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A wellpoint system is one of the most resourceful and handy pre-drainage technique, which has the ability to pump many thousands of gallons per minute in crude gravels and sands and a few gallons per minute in non-coarse sandy silts. Wellpoint systems are chiefly utilized for:

  • Lowering the level of groundwater
  • Offering a stable working condition during excavations
  • Dewatering from foundations and trench works that are shallow

The dewatering process is competent to deal with extensive range of ground settings and predominantly apt to non-cohesive soils.

A wellpoint system includes a chain of small-diameter shallow wellpoints, which are spaced around an excavation site or along a trench, and are linked to a universal header-main (header), that are linked with a single or several wellpoint pumps.

Wellpoint systems are best suited in lower aquifers, where the water level is required to be lowered not more than a minimum of fifteen to twenty feet. Due to the inadequacy of vacuum present in the pump, deeper excavations will necessitate multiple stages of wellpoint systems.

Important points to consider while designing a wellpoint system include:

  • Adjacent locations
  • Depth to imperviousness
  • Permeability
  • Physical layout
  • Soil conditions
  • Stratification
  • Amount of water to be pumped

It is very essential to consider the physical conditions of the location to be dewatered, while designing a wellpoint system. The friction losses developed in the suction-side system must be cautiously measured while selecting the right components of the wellpoint system.

Wellpoint systems are best suited for:

  • Excavation and lining works for channels and canals
  • Excavation for basements
  • Foundation of bridges
  • Foundation of buildings
  • Foundation of underground tanks
  • Placing sewer lines (that are deeper)
  • Renovation of land
  • Sub-ways
  • Tunnel work
  • Water supply

LD caters to services such as complete designing and setting up of wellpoint dewatering systems. Our goal is to offer you “fuel-efficient pumps that make dewatering principally a cost-effective resolution, wherever ground water is nearby.”

Whatever is your construction requirement, we at LD have the apt machine/equipment/tool available to meet all your project needs.

Assembled in Brunei
DEUTZ Engine Type F3L912 (32hp) or F4L912 (43hp)
Fuel Diesel
Speed 1500rpm
Water Capacity 330M3/h
Air Capacity 119M3/h
Vacuum up to 9.8M
Manometric head 26.5M or 30.4M
Suction Connection 150mm or 200mm
Discharge Connection 150mm or 200mm
Starting Electric
* Technical specification will vary depending on model